Norristown’s Theatre Horizon Tests ‘Pay What You Decide’ Ticket Pricing

Molly Braverman

theatre horizon logoIn an attempt to appeal to a wider audience, Theatre Horizon in Norristown will debut a new “Pay What You Decide” ticket-pricing system for its upcoming musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson on Aug. 4, writes Gary Puleo for The Times Herald.

The theater hopes this will break down financial barriers and sell more seats for its upcoming performances.

“We will have Pay What You Decide ambassadors at the event who will answer any questions patrons may have about the new pricing model,” said Molly Braverman, Theatre Horizon’s Managing Director.

Molly Braverman
Molly Braverman

The “Pay What You Decide” business model was designed by ARC Stockton Arts Centre in England to increase theatre audiences. Theatre Horizon is one of only two theatrical companies in the United States giving the concept a test run.

The new pricing system will give a chance for patrons, who might believe the show worthy of the regular price of admission but cannot afford it, a chance to enjoy it after all.

“That is one of the primary objectives in launching this initiative,” said Braverman, adding that “we want to work to eliminate that as a barrier to attending the theater.”

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