Coffee Shop in Phoenixville Offers Chance for a Sweet Start to Your Morning

assorted bagels
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Sweet Brew Cafe offers delicious coffee and more bagels combos than you thought possible.

Phoenixville coffee shop Sweet Brew Cafe arrived over a year ago, and it offers more than just your regular cup of joe. When owners Michael and Jamie Weiss were looking to bring some warm delight to Bridge Street, they found another item the town wanted: BYOB, writes Eric Henderson for PhillyBite Magazine.

In the case of Sweet Brew Cafe, BYOB stands for Build Your Own Bagel. The couple knew the only bagels they wanted to sell to locals were fresh New York bagels with their own twist on them. They get their bagels from a baker in Long Island.

Then, the option to create a bagel with anything you want on it was born.

Some of their BYOB combinations include Fruit Loops and strawberries, rainbow bagel with cream cheese, onion bagel with scallion cream cheese and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and sweet cream cheese and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Additionally, they have locally brewed coffee from Speakeasy Coffee Roasters in Pennsburg. They roast Sweet Brew’s “Middle Child” blend for their in-house brand called 1st Crack Coffee. There are also espresso options, hot or iced coffee, cold brew, and more.

Read more about Sweet Brew Cafe and its BYOB options in PhillyBite Magazine.


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