CEO of Conshohocken-based David’s Bridal Talks Future of Company

David's Bridal wedding party
Image via David's Bridal via Facebook.

Jim Marcum, the CEO of David’s Bridal, is very optimistic about the future of the company after its second bankruptcy, writes Jennifer Ortakales Dawkins for Insider.

In April, David’s Bridal, which is headquartered in Conshohocken, filed for bankruptcy for the second time in five years, and in July, a judge approved the sale of the company to Cion Investment Corp.

The move is expected to be a second lifeline for the company keeping 195 stores open.

Marcum talked to Insider about how he feels about the company’s future.

He said, “There’s a lot of excitement in the company right now, actually. The teams are motivated. David’s is back. We’ve gotten out customer-services scores of thousands of reviews a month up to 4.9 stars consistently.”

He is also excited about the launch of Pearl, which includes wedding-planning checklists, vision boards, a registry, and a vendor marketplace.

He said they created Pearl so they could be with the bride right from the beginning when she gets engaged.

“Eighty-five to 90% of all brides will come into our funnel. They don’t all buy their dresses with us. That’s okay. But there’s a chance if they don’t buy their wedding dresses with us, their bridesmaids or their mother will,” Marcum explained.

Read the full interview with Jim Marcum on how the pandemic affected the wedding industry and the future of David’s Bridal in Insider.


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