Chester County Teen Fights Off Shark at Jersey Shore


Maggie Drozdowski, a Chester County teenager, survived a shark attack during a surfing outing over the weekend in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, write Matt Petrillo and Alicia Roberts for CBS News Philadelphia. 

“I was in shock and I didn’t even realize what was going on until I was out of the water,” said Drozdowski. 

The 15-year-old was surfing with a friend when a big wave caused her to lose her board. This was when she felt something grab her foot and pull her underwater. 

“I really shook it off as much as I could,” she said. “It was hard though it was heavy. But I shook my foot as hard as I could to get it off.” 

Once she was successful, she got back on her board and paddled back to the shore with a badly bleeding foot. 

She required several stitches, but the damage was not as bad as she had feared. 

“I thought I was gonna have to get my foot amputated,” said Drozdowski. “But it didn’t end up being that bad. I think the wetsuit kind of saved me because it protected my foot.” 

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