Elmwood Park Zoo Reps Prowl Montco Seeking Homes for a Jaguar; Find One in Horsham

Participants in the Elmwood Park Zoo centennial program can have one of these in their communities. Well, almost.

Elmwood Park Zoo, in advance of its 2024 celebration of century of wildlife in Norristown, has been stealthily canvassing the area. It’s after community support to hosting a jaguar.

And it’s not talking sleek, European vehicles, either.

Horsham Township has bravely agreed, as Dino Ciliberti noted in the Hatboro-Horsham Patch.

The ferocious felines being offered aren’t feisty at all; the zoo seeks spots for a sculpture of a jaguar, instead of the real deal.

Moreover, it’s seeking to install several of them in the county.

Zoo officials attended a recent township council meeting to present its “Centennial Prowl Art Installation Movement.”

They hope that public and private entities unleash the requested $10,000 to join Horsham in obtaining an eye-catching cat, which will remain at the township’s library until 2024.

Township representatives hope it becomes a popular draw, especially for people posting social media photos.

“We’re thrilled to support the Elmwood Park Zoo’s efforts to continue its programs, projects, operations, and animal care,” read post on the municipality’s Facebook page.

More on the jaguar coming to this Montgomery County community is at the Hatboro-Horsham Patch.


Obtaining a jaguar figure from Elmwood Park Zoo is only one way of accessing one; talented individuals can always make their own.

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