Horsham’s Sara Lee Devises Clever Way to Get Kids to Eat Carrots and Broccoli with Their PB&J

a loaf of veggie bread
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Horsham’s Sara Lee bread is taking an innovative approach to a household staple. It has reinvented white bread to include a generous dose of vegetables; bread baked with this new recipe will soon be hitting store shelves, reported Perishable News.

The loaves incorporate one cup of vegetables each.

Senior Brand Manager Jinder Bhogal said it’s a great way for families to introduce a delicious alternative to their kids’ diet.  

“We know that mealtime can be a battle with picky eaters and little ones that aren’t exactly in love with vegetables,” said Bhogal. “We baked up the idea for our new Sara Lee White Bread Made with Veggies with families in mind to offer a deliciously unique option that’s new to the bread aisle.”

A slice of this soft yet nutritious bread is fortified with Vitamins A, D, and E.

Sara Lee representatives say that packages of it can be found in the bread aisle of all regional grocery store chains, including those in Montgomery County.

 Read more about the veggie bread on Perishable News.


The ad campaign for Sara Lee’s White Bread with Veggies hinges on kids gaining a nutritional boost
that flies under the radar of their vegetable-detecting palates.

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