Elmwood Park Zoo’s Trail of the Jaguar Exhibit Officially Opens on May 5

The highly anticipated Trail of the Jaguar Exhibit at the Elmwood Park Zoo will have its grand opening on May 5, with member previews available from April 27. (via image The Colonial)

Mark your calendars, as the stunning Trail of the Jaguar Exhibit at Elmwood Park Zoo will have its grand opening on May 5, according to a staff report from The Colonial.

EPZ members will get the chance for an early peak at Zoo’s newest and most elaborate animal exhibit in nine decades with Member Previews available from April 27 through May 4.

The exhibit will be the home to Elmwood’s jaguars, and will also introduce visitors to several other unique species, such as ocelots, pack rats, Montezuma quail, and a number of reptiles.

The Jaguar population at Elmwood Park habitat recently grew by two, as the zoo’s Jaguar Inka recently gave birth to two cubs. However, visitors will have to wait for the yet to be named two month old male and female cuties, as they will not be brought into the exhibit until they are a little older.

Member Previews and the grand opening event will both be free to attend, but require a timed ticket. These are only available for pick-up and have to be used the same day.

Read more about the grand opening plans at The Colonial by clicking here.

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