Hatboro Brewer Comments on National Conversation about Best Fridge-Staple Beers

Shane Fisher Artifact Brewery
Image via LinkedIn.
Shane Fisher. Artifact Brewery.

VinePair — a national digital media company that curates content on beer, wine, and spirits — sought professional opinions on “fridge-staple” beers.

The feedback included comment from Shane Fisher, assistant brewer, Artifact Brewing, Hatboro.

VinePair started its survey by defining the topic.

It characterized fridge-staple beers as those that “… when faced with the glut of choice that is the category these days, will always spark joy without any regret. They’re the beers you’re happy to always have your fridge stocked with.”

Fisher’s go-to (apart from his own product) is Orval Brewery Trappist Ale, a beer from Belgium that dates to 1931.

“I fell in love with that beer the very first time I had it,” Fisher said. “With the shape of the bottle and high carbonation level, opening a bottle always feels like a special occasion, even if it’s just a Wednesday night.”

The remaining experts’ recommendations of fridge-staple beers were:

  • Jester King Brewery Le Petit Prince
  • Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve
  • New Glarus Brewing Co. Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale
  • Wayward Lane Brewing Schlager
  • Miller High Life
  • Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Allagash Brewing Company White
  • Zero Gravity Green State Lager

Complete details on these fridge-staple beers is at VinePair.


A look at Orval Brewery Trappist Ale.

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