IKEA’s 2023 Life at Home Report: 61 Percent of People Worldwide Share Three Specific Worries

people reading Life at Home Report
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Conshohocken’s IKEA released its ninth annual “Life at Home Report,” which included survey results from consumers who voiced their household concerns. More than 37,000 individuals in 37 different countries responded, reported Vicky Jarrett for Furniture Today.

The data illustrate various pain points of a universal nature.

More than half of respondents (61 percent) had concerns about finances, their country’s economy, and climate change.

Another finding was that one and 10 people were anticipating inflation prices to halt major life plans such as marriage and starting families.

On a more positive note, the report revealed that people are more likely to view their home as a source of mental well-being, bolstered by amenities that included household pets and plants.

Research further found that people are more likely to feel comfortable in a place that reflects their personalities, an outlook reflected by 58 percent of respondents.

Read more about the finding’s in IKEA’s “Life at Home Report” at Furniture Today.


Pets at home were identified by IKEA as a contributor to well-being at home; this video lists 10 upsides of pet ownership.

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