Injured and Abandoned Dog Found on Montco Train Tracks Is on Road to Recovery with Foster Family

dog on train tracks
Image via Philly Rescue Angels at NBC10.
Lucky, as rescuers found him on SEPTA tracks not far from Elkins Park; having healed, he's been waiting two months for a new home.
Lucky’s fortunes have taken a big step up after his rescue from SEPTA tracks in Montgomery County.

“Lucky” the dog, found injured and abandoned on the train tracks near Lawndale SEPTA station (not far from Elkins Park) last month, is recovering and enjoying life with his new foster family, reported Rudy Chinchilla for NBC10.

Lucky was released from the hospital earlier this week after spinal surgery. The pit-bull mix was discovered by the Philly Rescue Angels, who released a video of the pooch at his foster home on Dec. 6.

The happy puppy in the video is starkly different from the dog that was helped just a few weeks before. He was clearly in pain and struggling to stand up on the tracks, constantly at risk of being killed by oncoming trains.

The rescuers initially thought that Lucky had been hit by a rail car, but they now believe his injuries were the result of owner abuse.

“So, I think that they dumped him to hide the fact that they broke his back, and used the train to cover up the fact that they hurt him,” said Sidara Son, of the Philly Rescue Angels.

Lucky will likely not be able to use his hind legs again, but a canine wheelchair will help him get around.

A Philly Rescue Angels’ Instagram post provided a bit more detail on how Lucky is faring now.

“We are allowing Lucky to decompress and get use to his new way of life in his experienced foster home. So far, everything has been great, & lucky has been the best boy!” it read.

More about Lucky is at NBC10.

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