Lansdale Family Nearly Lose Beloved Dog During Vacation, But Quick Reaction by Ocean City Community Helped Save Her Life

Remy the dog
Image via Jessica Mele.

The Mele family of Lansdale nearly lost their beloved dog, Remy, while vacationing in Ocean City, but the community’s quick reaction helped save her life, writes Maddy Vitale for the OC NJ Daily.

Remy was adopted by Jessica and Jon Mele in February last year from a rescue in Lansdale.

“We just love her,” said Jessica.

Remy fits in perfectly with the family that also includes the couple’s 3-year-old daughter, Jules, and 6-month-old son, Weston.

All of them were devastated when the hound was struck by a van during the Memorial Day weekend. The driver did not stop, so the poor pooch was dragged around 20 feet in the hit-and-run.

Luckily for the family, the community sprang into action.

“The call to action from the people and the police gives our family a glimmer of hope in this world right now that has so much darkness,” Jessica said.

Ramy was taken to the local veterinary hospital, where she was operated on. And while she is far from being healed, Remy is on her way to being her old self again.

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