Ardmore Woman Adopts Rescued Beagle, Surprises Grandchildren


Blue is a rambunctious puppy who enjoys exploring the terrain in his new Ardmore home. But his life wasn’t always easy. He was born as “CND CFY,” the serial number tattooed on the inside of his ear. He’s one of the 4,000 beagles rescued from a Virginia plant that bred them for research, reports TaRhonda Thomas for 6abc.  

Now, thanks to the efforts of Brandywine Valley SPCA and the sheer generosity of Ardmore’s Mary Iademarco, he’s living his best life in the Philly burbs — with plenty of belly rubs.   

“I thought there was a 0.01 percent chance that we would actually get a dog,” said Connor Iademarco, Mary’s grandson. 

But much to the shock of Mary’s grandchildren, she and her family got fifth place in line at the adoption event.  

At first, this poor pup was afraid on his ride home. But when he saw the huge yard to run around in, his doggy demeanor changed drastically. 

“When we took him out of the car, he was a whole different puppy,” said Taylin Iademarco, Connor’s brother and co-overseer for the playful pup. 

At four months old, this bundle of joy has already had plenty of new experiences.  

Learn more about Blue and his new family at 6abc.  

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