Montgomery County Police Departments Enacting ‘Enforcement Wave’ to Reduce Aggressive Driving

aggravated woman behind the wheel of a car
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Motorists who treat Route 422 signage as its suggested speed limit had best calm down. Same with those who feel the need to lean incessantly on the horn when the Pa. Turnpike slows to a crawl. A PennDOT coordinated effort among 50 municipal police departments (including Montgomery County’s) is targeting aggressive driving.

The initiative is being coordinated with Pa. State Police in what’s being called an “enforcement wave.”

The goal is to reduce the crashes, injuries, and fatalities that stem from mad motorists.

Enforcement efforts will focus on:

  • The “move over” law, which requires motorists to defer lanes to emergency vehicles approaching from the rear
  • School bus safety
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating

Law enforcement personnel will use traffic enforcement zones, saturation patrols, speed enforcement details, corridor enforcement, work-zone enforcement, and multijurisdictional patrol strategies to identify and cite drivers behind road-rage incidents.

PennDOT advises commuters encountering an overly dominant driver to:

  • Get out of his or her way without a challenge
  • Stay relaxed, avoid eye contact, and ignore rude gestures
  • Maintain posted speeds if conditions allow; if traffic is backing up, merge to the right or safely increase speed

More about this Montgomery County aggressive driving safety initiative is online.

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