Abington Tech Firm Aids North Penn Fire Company Effort to Increase Kids’ Familiarity with Firefighters

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Image via Firefighter Magazine.
An Abington forensic investigation firm has created a digital means to promote firefighter familiarity, which may be a life-saving development during house fires.
This QR code from DJS Associates, Abington, could be a lifesaver for children in a house fire.

The concept of “firefighter familiarity” is an effort to designed to calm children — even somewhat — in the event of a fire in their own homes. Firehouse Magazine profiled the life-saving initiative and its local connections.

The involves effort Abington forensic investigation firm DJS Associates and North Wales’ North Penn Fire Company.

It’s goal is to help children recognize — even during the panic of a house fire — that onsite masked rescue personnel do not represent one more threat to be feared.

Nationwide data show that it’s a lesson worth teaching, as incidents of young children hiding from firefighters often end in tragedy.

“We’re huge when we have all this gear on. We’re bulky, we’re heavy, we’re making a lot of noise,” said a Denver firefighter. “It’s absolutely going to be a situation where children would be afraid.”

The tech solution offered by DJS and embraced by North Penn Fire Company is meant to deescalate children’s reactions to the sight of firefighters in their homes through calm, repeated exposure to the sight.

“This new technology allows us to place one of our firefighters right in your living room, basement, front porch, or anywhere,” explained Matthew Daywalt, North Penn Volunteer Fire Company Fire Prevention Officer.

The technology is available by scanning a QR code.

Further information on firefighter familiarity is at Firehouse Magazine.

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