Little Library with Big Impact Memorializes Trappe Fire Company Chief

book box
Image via Alan Smithee.
The Little Free Library at Rambo Park in Trappe.

The memorials to fallen Pa. State Police Trooper Branden Sisca since his April untimely passing have included large-scale gatherings. His memorial service drew thousands of fellow officers. And the funeral cortege that followed, atop a Trappe Fire Company engine from the station he captained, wound its way past solemn members of the community.

But in the aftermath, a smaller, less public, memorial has sprung up.

Rambo Park, a Trappe respite almost directly across W. 5th Ave. from the fire station, has a trail of less than a mile, a modest playground, a pavilion, a frog pond, and a butterfly garden.

In the past few months, it has gained a Little Free Library dedicated to Officer Sisca.

Little Free Libraries are wooden boxes that serve as free public libraries. Donors fill them with books, which members of the public are free to take, read, return, and perhaps augment with their own.

The literary outreach started in St. Paul, Minn. Since its launch, it has facilitated 150,000 libraries in more than 100 countries across the globe, from which 70 million books have been shared.

It’s an understated, homespun, hands-on effort.

And for the Trappe Fire Company personnel absent their leader, those attributes make it a wholly apropos touchpoint to a colleague now departed.

More on Little Free Libraries is online.

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