Former Glenside Fire Company Voluntary Firefighters Share Special Bond After Kidney Donation


Brendan Dougherty and James Woods, both former volunteer firefighters with Glenside Fire Company #1, share a special bond, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6abc.

Woods who had already had a kidney transplant in 2001, was once again suffering from kidney failure. The kidney his sister donated was working for full 16 years before starting to give out. Woods did not want to ask for help, though, but needed a kidney donation.

“I can honestly say I’ve never asked anybody for a kidney,” he said. “I’ve asked them to register to be a donor. I don’t care who for.”

However, when Dougherty found out about Wood’s need for a kidney, he immediately wanted to help. And while he knew the chances of being a match were low, he believed a kidney exchange would work. But this turned out to be unnecessary.

“To my shock, when they told me I was actually a match, I was floored,” said Dougherty.

The team at Einstein Healthcare Network successfully completed the transplant in March 2018. Four years on, the men remain close friends and continue to celebrate their stories. They also want to spread the word and hopefully encourage others to become living organ donors.

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