Seven Things to Know About Finding a Remote Job

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Remote jobs are in high demand, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace landscape. Diana Gunn from CodeinWP tells you everything you need to know about finding remote work.  

1. Consider Your Skillset 

Remote work is not tied down to a specific field, although there are certain industries such as marketing, web design, writing, IT or sales that are more likely to be remote. No matter what the field, keep your skillset in mind to know what kind of remote work would be right for you.  

2. Not All Remote Work Is Fully Remote 

When applying to jobs, pay attention to the different levels of remote work: 

  • 100 percent remote work 
  • Remote with a location requirement
  • Hybrid  

Be careful when scouring job sites, because some hybrid jobs or positions with location requirements might be listed under 100 percent remote work. While you can filter at hybrid jobs on some boards, work-at-home jobs with a location requirement are a little bit trickier.  

3. Beware of Scams  

Unfortunately, with remote jobs in high demand, that also means there will be scammers. Be on the lookout for the following:  

  • Language like “Make money fast” or anything that sounds too good to be true 
  • Requires you to disclose sensitive information like SSN early in the application process 
  • Any other payment requirements  

4. Understand What Employers Are Looking For  

On top of job requirements, remote employers are also looking for:

  • Trustworthiness 
  • Passion 
  • Adaptability 
  • Tech Savviness  

5. Create A Remote-Work Résumé 

Emphasize the skills that prove you’re fit for a remote team, especially when it comes to anything tech related. Remote jobs also tend to be more results-based than time-based. For example instead of saying, “I produced three video packages a week” instead write “I created a consistent content-focused schedule that increased website traffic by 200 percent.”  

6. Look at Job Boards 

Here are the best places to find full-time remote work:  

Freelance work: 

7. Be Prepared in the Interview  

Just because the job is remote, doesn’t mean that you should take the interview less seriously. Here are some tips to nail the interview:  

  • Dress your best to make a good first impression 
  • Keep the background professional  
  • Be prepared for remote work specific questions  

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