The Companies that Have Listed the Most Remote Jobs in 2022

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Just because health restrictions have largely been lifted does not mean everyone is eager to get back into the office. Many grew to prefer no longer dealing with traffic, high gas prices, and waking up early.

Some companies are saying too bad, but as Nairametrics shares, plenty of other companies are embracing the change.

If you are eager to stay remote, here are the companies that have added the most remote positions this year.

SelectQuote: 25,799

This company offers users the ability to purchase life insurance, as well as auto and home insurance. They currently have over 25,000 remote job offerings.

UKG: 25,965

This company focuses on offering technology that provides better resources for businesses to run their HR, payroll and similar functions.

Meta: 29,052

As the parent company for sites like Facebook and Instagram, it only makes sense that they would embrace those who wish to utilize technology to get their job done.

Change Healthcare: 30,602

This healthcare provider enables users to connect with around 800,000 physicians in the United States to find the right plan for them. They have over 30,000 remote openings this year for those interested.

Cerebral: 34,526

Cerebral’s mission is to make healthcare an affordable option for everyone. With how many areas mental health issues can affect a person’s life, Cerebral wants to eliminate the high costs and difficulty finding treatment that act as hurdles to so many people who need help.

Capital One: 36,336

Capital One is one of the country’s biggest and most reputable banks, helping their clients manage their savings, credit, and loans, among other services.

USAA: 42,311

The United Services Automobile Association helps military members and veterans in a variety of ways, such as with investment advice and providing insurance.

CBRE: 51,304

This investment company monitors trends and data to help investors make smart decisions with their finances.

Anthem: 60,445

This is a health benefits company based in America. They specialize in taking care of members of the military.

SAP: 282,620

The last company on the list has almost as many remote positions as every other company listed combined. This software company based in Germany certainly proves they have no objection to remote work.

Remote work opportunities are available in abundance for those who know where to look and who can find companies that are open to this change in the work culture that we have seen in the last several years. To find out more about any of these companies, you can read the post on Nairametrics.

Financial advise Youtuber Monique Hinton lists even more companies that are hiring remotely.



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