Ghostly Past Awakens Horsham Community Spot from Financial Nightmare

house in lights
Image via The Friends of Graeme Park.
Keith House at Graeme Park, Horsham.

Horsham’s Graeme Park is once again using its spooky reputation to raise funds for its historic preservation. John McDevitt and Brian Seltzer proved brave enough to cover the site’s annual Halloween tours for KYW Newsradio.

The park was first in danger of closing in 2008, hit by the double-whammy of a recession and state budget cuts.

“We needed money,” said Beth MacCausland, president of The Friends of Graeme Park.

Soon after, she was contacted by a ghost hunter who was searching for paranormal activity onsite. He was following the stories about the ghost of Elizabeth Graem, who inherited the property from her father and who still, some claim, resides in the park’s Colonial mansion, Keith House.

The ghost hunter pitched the idea to use the park’s ghostly reputation to raise funds.

“We jumped on it,” said MacCausland.

Graeme Park started offering haunted lantern tours and mini paranormal investigations, and the money started rolling in.

“It was like a windfall for us,” MacCausland said. “It really did help.”

Since then, the Halloween-themed activities at the park have generated around $37,000.

Read more about Graeme Park at KYW Newsradio.

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