Conshohocken Shop Carries Long-Forgotten Candy Classics to Introduce to 2022 Trick-or-Treaters


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Looking for something out of the ordinary to dole out on Halloween night? Edwards Freeman Nut Company in Conshohocken has it.

The Halloween candy-dispensing routine has gotten, well, routine: Doorbell rings. Adult opens. Costumed characters (“Oh, another Elsa! How cute!”) hold out sacks. *plop-plop.* “Thank you!” Onward.

Giving out the same-old, same-old for Halloween can get dull.

But a one-of-a-kind Conshohocken retailer offers the chance to surprise trick-or-treaters with something they may have never seen or tasted before.

Edwards Freeman Nut Company is the local Willy Wonka of retro candy.

The shelves of its 441 East Hector Street store brim with candies that will cause any Baby Boomer to swoon with sweet nostalgia.

From almost-extinct brands like Mallo Cups, Turkish Taffy, and Jujyfruits to bulk items such as root beer barrels, licorice (in dozens of flavors), and jawbreakers of tennis-ball proportions, Edwards Freeman has it.

It even sells prepackaged chocolate-covered crickets, for residents seeking to dole out something Halloween themed and monstrously good.

The “I-didn’t-know-they-still-made-that” aspect of the inventory is all-encompassing:

  • Crackerjack in a box (not a modern-day pouch), with a prize
  • Real-sugar Coca Cola in glass bottles
  • Ribbons shoe-button candy on paper strips
  • Charms Squares
  • Sugar Daddies
  • Pop Rocks
  • Necco Wafers

It even sells now-taboo candy cigarettes, whose appropriateness for Halloween may be up to individual discretion.

Shoppers wishing to stock up on Edwards Freeman’s array of goodies can do so in person or online.

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