Nine ways to relive ‘The Blob’ in your living room

relive the blob

Now that the Oscars are officially over and done with, I think you’re allowed to take a break from the latest auteur offerings and return to a classic. After all, they are classics for a reason, right? It’s probably been a minute since you watched the filmed-in-Chester-County classic but don’t worry —The Blob totally holds up as the amazing, post-war, small-town nostalgia “horror” spectacle you remember. Here are some recommendations for how to make your first re-watch in years all the more memorable.

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1 – Samsung Flat 55″ 4K TV — It might be time to trade up to a beautiful 4k screen for your movie-watching pleasure. This super-thin Samsung model is perfect for high-definition streaming or Blu-Ray classics.

2 – Epson Cinema 2150 1080p Projector — A projector this powerful two or three years ago cost two to three times as much. Now, cinema-quality projection is ready and affordable in the home. Jump on it!

3 – Logitech 5.1 Surround System — Because the picture is only half the movie, make sure you’re doing the soundtracks in your movie collection justice with this high-performing set of logitechs.

4 – Amazon Ultra HD Fire TV Cube w/ Alexa — Exercise full control over your television using only the sound of your voice with the latest Amazon device.

5 – Chill Sack 5′ Bean Bag Chair — Hop off the couch and onto full-body comfort. These next-gen bean bags are filled with micro-memory foam pieces that contour to your every curve.

6-7-8- Orville’s Classic Kettle Corn — Swedish Fish — Real Sugar Coca-Cola — The triumvirate in movie snacking. You’re familiar with kettle corn and Swedish fish but these REAL sugar cokes from Mexico will blow your mind.

9 – The Blob on Blu-Ray — This Criterion Collection Blue-Ray edition is the high-quality 35mm digital transfer hardcore blobbers have been waiting for. Run, don’t walk!

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