Something’s Clearly ‘Happening’ at Ambler Savings Bank

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Ambler Savings Bank makes 2022 Montco Happening List, spotlighted for its excellence as a community bank with a reputation for personal service.

Ambler Savings Bank was voted Best Bank in Montgomery County by customers, a ranking published by the 2022 Montco Happening List.

The countywide feedback initiative celebrates the area’s most beloved businesses, people, events, and organizations. Winners are tallied from customer and public votes.

Ambler Savings Bank is proud of its service to its customers and community and gladly shares its corporate positioning that led to the public honor.


In an era where bigger is not always better and personalized attention to the customer is not a given, Ambler Savings Bank maintains its commitment to never lose sight of the all-important relationship. Providing the personalized service its customers expect has been integral to the bank’s success for over 145 years — and will continue to build its enduring legacy.

Ambler Savings Bank professionals work with customers to help them realize financial dreams, whether opening a business, purchasing a home, or saving for the future. The staff also nurtures the Ambler community by donating time and money to local nonprofits that serve in the areas of affordable housing, education, youth development, and quality-of-life initiatives. 

Metrics Supporting the Honor

What makes the Montco Happening List distinction special is that it is no mere public opinion poll; it is verification that the Ambler Savings Bank business model— as an engaged, responsive community bank deeply embedded in its hometown market — works.

For example:

  • Community banks are economic first responders, processing more than 57 percent of the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (2.8 million loans), saving an estimated 33.7 million jobs.
    • Ambler Savings Bank has disbursed over $44.5 million and protected over 4,900 jobs locally, through the Paycheck Protection Program since 2020.
  • Community banks focus a notable share of their resources on low- and moderate-income tracts.
  • They operate in areas often abandoned by others — serving as the only physical banking presence in nearly one in three U.S. counties.
  • Community banks are preferred small business lenders, with a 73 percent net satisfaction score, compared with 58 percent for large banks.
  • They have consistently demonstrated their safety and soundness with higher capital ratios and better loan quality than the largest financial institutions.

About Ambler Savings Bank

Ambler Savings Bank is a mutually organized community bank headquartered in Ambler with locations in Fairview Village, Limerick, and Bally — as well as several continuing care retirement facilities.

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