4 Tips to Successfully Ask for a Raise

When it comes to receiving new opportunities in your career, it is often as much about how you present yourself as it is your quality of work.

If you are trying to get a raise, look at it the same way you did as when you first interviewed—you need to present your best self in all regards.

Obviously, that does differ a little bit since you have already been with the company for a while, but The Balance Careers shared some of what you can be doing to make the best impression.

Choose Your Moment

It will likely be a lengthy conversation, so don’t try to casually strike up this talk with your boss in passing. And definitely don’t conduct it by text or email. Whether you are remote or not, be sure to request a one-on-one meeting so you can make your case without being rushed.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

You will likely have more success if you make your request while you have momentum behind you. Wait until you have just achieved something significant with an assignment before you ask so you are already in a good light.

Don’t Threaten

A lot of people overestimate their value and think they are irreplaceable. Don’t tempt your boss to call your bluff. Your request should be a conversation, not a demand with an ultimatum at the end. Doing so usually works out poorly for the employee.

Keep it Business-Focused

In private you might want the raise because your household is currently feeling more of a financial struggle. But trying to beg for pity comes off as desperate.

Your boss is not your friend and isn’t looking to do you favors. Keep the talk focused on what you have accomplished to earn it and keep the personal details to your friends.

While there is no guarantee of success, you can at least give yourself your best chance. And you can always ask again down the road even if this time doesn’t work out.

To read up further on what it takes to earn that raise, see what The Balance Careers has to say here.


Everybody wants to be paid more money at work, yet so many people approach asking for a raise the wrong way. If you don’t understand the nuance of how to negotiate with your boss—or if you just don’t deserve an increase—asking for more money can often hurt your relationship. In this video, Kyle Ingham share 10 tips for how to make the conversation with your boss go more smoothly.



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