After Years of Exemplary Service, Montco District Attorney’s Comfort Dog, Turks, Earns Her Retirement

Turks the comfort dog
Images via The Reporter.
Turks with her Handler Kiersten McDonald at the Courthouse.
Turks the dog in court.
Turks at the Courthouse, ready to help. Image via The Reporter.

After seven years of easing the distress of countless crime victims and witnesses, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s comfort dog, Turks, is entering her well-earned retirement, writes Carl Hessler Jr. for The Reporter.

“She has some medical issues that she’s dealing with so at this point she’s retiring,” said District Attorney Kevin R. Steele.

The yellow Labrador Retriever joined the district attorney’s office in October 2014.

Together with her handler, Kiersten McDonald, an investigator in the county detective bureau who was trained by Canine Partners for Life of Chester County, she soon became a familiar face in the courthouse’s hallways.

She often lay in the witness box at the feet of child victims during trials, making sure that the young witnesses had a comforting anchor as they testified about traumatic matters.

Two years ago, the eight-year-old pooch received Montgomery Bar Association’s prestigious public service award. But instead of a plaque, she received a custom-designed dog bowl and dog treat jar.

The district attorney’s office is currently searching for another comfort dog.

“We’re hopeful that we’ll find another dog that will support victims in the same way as Turks,” said Steele.

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