Lawmakers, Officials Discuss Untapped Labor Pool During Roundtable at American Keg Company in Pottstown

American Keg Company
Image via Evan Brandt, Daily Local News.

Local, state, and federal officials joined U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo for a roundtable discussion on an untapped labor pool – second chance workers – at the American Keg Company in Pottstown, writes Evan Brandt for the Daily Local News.

During the session, they met Jonathan Adcock and Joe Yanelli, both of whom were hired despite having a record of drug use convictions. Both of them are now trusted workers at the nation’s only steel beer keg manufacturer.

“I made some bad choices after my grandmother died,” said Adcock, who grew up in Allentown.

He found himself in a halfway house in Pottstown and then he was hired by American Keg. He is now running a “12-step fellowship” program that helped him for any company employees who want to participate.

The second chance employees American Keg hired “are very honest and upfront about what they’re bringing to the table,” said American Keg CEO Paul Czachor. “And we kept getting good employees when we first got connected with Pottstown Works,” an agency that connects jobs with people who have to learn some basic skill sets to keep them.

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