Pottstown’s American Keg Company Keeps American Tradition Alive


Photo of an American Keg Company worker courtesy of John Strickler, Digital First Media.

american keg V2Pottstown’s American Keg Company is keeping an American tradition alive by preserving domestic production of the iconic steel keg, writes Anita Oh for CBS Philly.

“Everyone’s very proud of being able to make kegs here in the U.S.,” said Paul Czachor, the company’s CEO.

The 30,000-square-foot factory is now the only location in the country that still manufactures steel kegs.

“Most steel kegs were coming from Europe, Germany, or in Asia,” said Czachor.

The company is currently capitalizing on the surge in craft beer’s popularity, but several years ago, the plant nearly closed its doors. It was saved by a $2 million investment by Scott Bentley.

“When I found out we could make a keg here in America that was competitive and keep jobs in Pottstown, I had to do something,” said Bentley.

Today, the factory produces close to 200 kegs a day, with plans to double production in the near future.

“It’s only a few dollars more to buy an American-made keg so the decision shouldn’t be hard,” said Bentley.

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