2022 Railbike Season Introduces New Mission, New Prototype, and New Workforce Development in Montco

. Secret Valley Excursions - Rail Bikes of the Colebrookdale Railroad
Image via Secret Valley Excursions - Rail Bikes of the Colebrookdale Railroad.
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Get ready for a leisurely pedal-powered adventure deep into tall forests, crossing bridges, chasing creeks, and admiring the scenic wonders of the Montco area with a new location, new mission, new partners, new prototype, and new workforce development with adventurous railbikes.

Then climb into recreational vehicles at the heart of the Secret Valley Rail Bike Excursions- Railbikes on the Colebrookdale Railroad Line program, and keep an eye out for wildlife that includes deer, fox, heron, and bald eagles. 

First introduced in May of 2021, SVE was awarded ‘Best of Philly’ by Philadelphia magazine.

Railbike exploring, opened May 1, 2022, with beautiful weather and exceptional experiences for the second season’s customers. Secret Valley Excursions – Rail Bikes of the Colebrookdale Railroad riders reported that the bald eagles were flying overhead and a small herd of maybe six deer swam across the creek.

More, SVE offers “a pioneering educational and recreational experience,” SVE Executive Director Michele Barrett said. It aims to provide persons of all abilities access to the nature and history surrounding what the popular tourist attraction calls “Pennsylvania’s Secret Valley.”

A first of its kind in the state, the program relies on rail bikes as vehicles to increase education, health, quality of life, and all-community inclusion. Rail bikes are pedal-powered vehicles with four steel wheels, disc brakes, and pedals for each seat that rides on the railroad tracks. They take advantage of the railroad line’s gentle grades to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride.

Although rail bikes require pedaling, “the magic of steel wheels on steel rails” makes the experience very different from riding a regular bicycle. “There is no need to carefully watch the road ahead, there is no need to steer, and riding is hands-free, making it easy for couples young and old, groups, and families of all ages and abilities to roll along,” Ms. Barrett explained.

“Riding a rail bike is a unique experience and a great family activity, added Sylvia Landis, a railbike sponsor, and retired school teacher. You don’t have to travel to the next state to enjoy such fun recreation. When your inner child calls to you, head to the rails,” she said.

Landis and her husband Carl in part funded the program, joined by the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation; and by a grant from the Community Conservation Partnerships Program, administered under the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Bureau of Recreation.

“Our partnership with Colebrookdale Railroad and SVE’s Railbike Excursions Program will provide a unique chance for people of all ages and abilities to appreciate the natural beauty of our region in an active and engaging way,” according to Dave Kraybill, Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation president.