Montco Workers Want Four-Day Workweek, But Not If It Means Losing Some Company-Provided Benefits

four-day workweek
Image via Pexels.

A new survey by software company Simple Texting found that 74 percent of Americans would walk away from their current job for a four-day workweek, writes Andy Medici for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Out of 1,000 respondents, 97 percent said they would be more productive if they worked four instead of five days a week. Similar majorities said a four-day workweek would improve their mental health as well as allowing them to accomplish other goals.

However, those numbers shrink significantly when a workweek consisting of four days is put up against employer-provided benefits.

While 58 percent of participants said they would not mind working two hours or more each day to get the fifth day off, just 43 percent said they would prefer a four-day workweek to free company-provided health care.

Meanwhile, 38 percent said they would prefer to work four days a week to unlimited paid time off.

Still, despite mixed support when compared to other benefits, four-day workweeks are seeing an increase in interest to the point that the idea could represent a new frontline in the battle to acquire and retain talent, according to experts.

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