How DeSales University MBA Program Helped a Graduate Start on an Entrepreneurial Fitness Path

Eric Bartosz and friend working out
Image via Eric Bartosz.
Eric Bartosz, left, is the creator of BAR40.
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One of the questions that come up often with regards to BAR40 is how it started, and part of that origin story can be traced back to Eric Bartosz’s time completing his MBA at DeSales University. Specifically, the leadership courses which provided exposure and a deeper dive into how innovation, perseverance and passion can help turn concept into reality.

In 2009 Eric moved to Center Valley from NYC, where he had been considering NYU for his MBA.

Looking back on it now, he’s thrilled the stars aligned they way they did, and he ended up completing his degree at DSU. “The curriculum, students, faculty, and campus combine to make the college such a special place and it’s such a cool continuation of the journey to now be an MBA adjunct professor at a school that has a central plot line in my life’s story,” says Eric Bartosz.

“I started BAR40 in 2016 after I turned 40 and aspired to live my ‘best year ever’,” he says. Bartosz and 40 is how the name came about. 

“A very brief summary would be that it’s a 52 week program designed to help anyone reach their peak mental and physical potential through habit changes, diet modifications, goal setting strategies, mindset practices, and mindfulness,” he notes. “In 2020 the BAR40 ‘Achieving Personal Excellence’ book was published and became a bestseller in 2021. A new BAR40 offering for 2022 are ‘Workplace Wellness’ sessions, which are perfect for employers or organizations that are interested in 1 hour presentations designed to provide immediate tools and techniques to help benefit their teams to live their best lives.”

In addition to BAR40 and teaching at DSU, Eric Bartosz is also the US Director of Development for Contra Vision, a global company based in the UK who for the last 35 years has specialized in out of home marketing solutions that some of the largest brands around the world use to promote their ad campaigns.

Eric is a big believer in giving back to the community and serve as an Upper Saucon Firefighter, a Board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley, local race organizer and President of the Saucon Rail Trail Oversight Commission (SRTOC).

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Eric Bartosz, Bar40