King of Prussia Business Launches HR Playbook to Navigate a New Workplace Culture


HIAB Website Commercial from Lauren Williams on Vimeo.

To help businesses start the New Year off on the right foot, Workplace Harmony has launched Harmony in a Box, a DIY human resources starter kit that guides small and medium-sized businesses in developing an HR department and associated protocols.

“HR is the No. 1 thing employees complain about. In a job market where employers are competing for talent, it’s never been more important to get the employee experience right,” says Lauren Williams, Founder & Principal Consultant. 

“Workplace Harmony and its newest tool – Harmony in a Box – provides the structure and the guidance to help small and medium-sized businesses tailor human resource policies and procedures that align with their workplace culture,” she notes.

Harmony in a Box covers a number of topics including Hiring Rockstars; Getting Newbies Up & Running; Building An Inclusive Culture; Cultivating Leaders; and Discipline, Performance & When to Fire Someone.

Harmony in a Box is now available.

Lauren has noted the virtual component that is becoming more prevalent in many workplace cultures, including remote workspaces and accessing documents online, all of which require businesses to adopt a new method for communicating with employees to ensure productivity. 

Ironically, the methods Lauren is using to promote, share, and inform employers about Harmony in a Box have also changed.

“In today’s world, companies like mine are interacting with prospective clients on Instagram or sourcing referrals via Facebook groups,” said Lauren. “The digitization of what we do and how we do it has made giant leaps in the past two years, and businesses that leverage their online tools are setting themselves apart.”

Workplace Harmony is a human resources and workplace consultancy organization that helps employers enhance the employee experience through a variety of tools, many of which are available online.


Workplace Harmony
Lauren Williams, Founder & Principal Consultant 

Lauren Williams utilizes her 20-years of expertise in the HR field to support companies by improving and enhancing their people skills/operations, which maximizes a company’s full potential.

With care and passion, she focuses intently on the employee experience and how to leverage a solid community-based company culture that encourages organic employee engagement, retention, and empowerment.

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