Grants Are Available to Help You Fund Your Next Playground Project

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Thinking of constructing or renovating a playground for your organization, or do you just need some support maintaining an existing playground?

There are a number of private and public funding organizations that can provide grants that will get you on your way, according to General Recreation, Inc. in Newtown Square.

Playgrounds can be an expensive endeavor so finding funding sources may be essential to completing your project.

Who Offers Playground Funding and Grants?

Government and state agencies are a good source for recreation grants.

Other sources include non-profit groups, foundations, and private corporations.

 “These entities recognize the benefits a playground can offer to its community and how they can help to contribute to the health of children and families through recreational activity,” states a General Recreation post on its website.

Playgrounds offer opportunities for children to be active, maintain better health, and reduce childhood obesity.

They also encourage physical, emotional and social development, as well as a sense of community.

Playgrounds can often lead to safer communities.

Foundations and Corporations offer grants to promote healthy activity for children. Some will especially support these projects in lower-income communities or will fund projects that focus on inclusive play or special needs.

There may also be an interest in promoting fitness through fitness equipment areas, and other positive improvements to a site.

Acquiring grants

Usually, a grant request will come with an obligation that part of the work be locally supported financially.

Schools and municipalities fund playground projects and may provide all or a portion of the funding. However, playground planners often need to raise funds for at least a portion of the overall cost.

The grants are usually competitively awarded. It is essential that your grant application be thorough and complete. 

Grant applicants often under-research what is required. Find out more with this Grant Resource Guide, which can assist you with the grant writing requirements and process.

Volunteers can also be called on to help contain the costs of your playground project.

Community Build playgrounds are playgrounds built by volunteers under the supervision of experts like General Recreation.

For more help and guidance on your next playground project, contact General Recreation Inc.

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