Play Area Symbol Sign Lets All Children Express Themselves

3 girls trying out the Symbol Communication Sign.
Image via General Recreation Inc.
Play Area Symbol Sign Lets All Children Express Themselves

Communication and expression are critical skills children need as they develop, but not every child finds it easy to communicate verbally.

Symbols and pictures are another effective way to get a message across for children who are non-verbal, speech-challenged, speak different languages, or who are just learning to communicate with friends and caregivers.

Now playground developer General Recreation, Inc. in Newtown Square has introduced a Symbol Communication Sign to their play area inventory.

Placing the symbol sign at the entrance to a play area means everyone can express themselves.

The sign includes pictures representing nouns/pronouns, verbs, feelings, activities, and playground events, as well as letters and numbers.

The sign designers are Karen B. Haines and Ingrid M. Kanics, OTR/L of Landscape Structures, experts in  Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Inclusive Design.

Haines is a speech-language pathologist who has worked in public schools and at an acute care hospital.

Kanics is an occupational therapist who has 10 years experience helping communities create and manage amazing places where all children can play together.

Sign features

The symbols are universally understandable and easy to use.

For those with visual processing impairments, the graphics are simple and two-dimensional.

The symbols are placed against a black background so they are easier to read. They are arranged left to right in the same format as building a sentence.

Industry-standard colors represent different types of words.

The sign is manufactured with proprietary DigiFuse technology to ensure the graphics continue to look good over the life of the play area.

Learn more about this unique play area sign by contacting a General Recreation representative.  

About General Recreation

General Recreation Inc. serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and has helped hundreds of community leaders and organizations build playgrounds that are safe, aesthetically pleasing and made to last.

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