After ‘COVID Devastated Skin at a Global Level,’ Kennett’s Genesis HealthCare Seizes Opportunity to Transform

wound care
Image via Unsplash.

Kennett Square-based Genesis HealthCare is looking to add around 200 wound care experts nationwide as part of its newly launched program that aims to boost skin health and improve wound prevention and treatment, writes Kimberly Marselas for McKnight’s Long-Term Care News

COVID devastated skin at a global level,” said Jeanine Maguire, vice president of skin health and wound care integrations for Genesis. “As we’re emerging, we hope, there is opportunity now for transformation.”

Genesis started hiring skin-health team leaders for most of its skilled nursing facilities earlier this month.  

They will oversee a multidisciplinary approach to skin health, coordinate care with advanced practice wound specialists and nurse aides, help develop a better understanding of what leads to wounds, and implement quality improvement programs. 

“The idea of a Band-Aid mentality — that it’s all about the nursing care and the bandage — that’s only one piece of the puzzle,” said Maguire. “We really need to dive deeper and investigate.” 

While most of the wounds in the aging population are caused by chronic diseases, Genesis’s holistic approach will also work on internal and external factors that can be controlled, along with patient wishes.

This will be achieved by connecting dietary, therapy, and other providers through skin-health team leaders, aligning the right treatment and supplies, and keeping frontline staff vigilant. 

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