College Professors All Over the Globe Champion Qlik’s Software and Methodologies to Drive Data Literacy

college professors
Images via Qlik.
These college professors in (clockwise from top left) Argentina, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Argentina, and China are a few of the ambassadors of the Qlik Academic Program.
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With a mission to create a data-literate world, one student at a time, the Qlik Academic Program provides students who are part of an accredited college free access to the King of Prussia-based company’s software and the learning content that teaches them how to use the product.

“It is one of the initiatives we do that relates to data literacy and our goals for doing good in society,” said Kevin Hanegan, Qlik’s Chief Learning Officer.

To champion the program’s free software and training resources to make more students data literate and prepare them for the data-driven workplace, Qlik relies on educators at the different universities, who may be instructors in courses ranging from Statistics and Management to Information Systems and Business Intelligence.

“To acknowledge these individuals, last year, we launched our Qlik Education Ambassador program, so we could promote the best-of-the-best professors who are taking advantage of our services,” said Hanegan. “The key theme is that they use our software and our methodologies to drive data literacy within their programs.”

Check out the Qlik Academic Program Ambassadors in the Class of 2022.

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