Lansdale’s Boardroom Spirits Release Delicious Seasonal Nocino, Crafted From Unique Green Walnut-based Liqueur

Nocino, Boardroom Spirits' Italian Walnut liqueur returns for the Season.

Boardroom Spirits, the award-winning, sustainable precision craft distiller, announces the seasonal release of its annual holiday spirit, Nocino (28% ABV, $39.99, 750ml), as well as delicious and creative ready-to-drink cocktails, Black Walnut Bourbon and the Nutty Russian, using the green walnut-based liqueur.

All three popular holiday staples are available online, at the distillery and Philadelphia’s Christmas Village.

Boardroom Spirits unique spin on the Italian-style liqueur comes from a recipe passed down from one of the owners’ families in Hungary.

Organic green unripened walnut is soaked in a mixture of Boardroom’s carbon-filtered vodka and barrel-aged grape brandy, adding complexity to the taste.

The confidential family recipe blends spices including vanilla, cardamon, citrus, and cinnamon that are added.

Finished with wild clover honey, the result is a warmly rich, complex, and flavorful liqueur fitting for the holiday and colder weather seasons. It’s best served as an aperitif, digestif, or as a substitute for Amaro in cocktails.

The ready-to-drink Nocino cocktails pack an interesting and pleasurable punch. The Black Walnut Bourbon includes bourbon whiskey combined with Nocino (33% ABV $44 750 ml), while the Nutty Russian includes Boardroom Vodka, Nocino, and a locally brewed cold brew coffee (36.5% ABV $44 750 ml).

Both cocktails round out the distillery’s line of existing seasonal and signature ready-to-drink bottled cocktails.

All three items may be purchased online, are available for pick-up or local delivery (including Philadelphia), and shipped throughout PA. Boardroom Spirits will also be at the Philadelphia Christmas Village this year.

“We are thrilled to kickoff Nocino season for the fourth successful season, this is something that our distillery now looks forward to every season,” said co-owner Marat Mamedov. “We saw such a great response to adding the Black Walnut Bourbon and Nutty Russian to last year’s release, we had to bring it back. “

­Lansdale, PA-based Boardroom Spirits is a precision-crafted distillery offering a full portfolio of premium spirits including signature Vodka, Gin, Rum and Bourbon. Canned cocktails include three flavors of Vodka Soda, Moscow Mule and three fruit flavors of Vodka Iced Tea plus a full line of ready-to-drink bottled cocktails and branded merchandise.

Boardroom Spirits offers local delivery, including Philadelphia, state-wide shipping, and curbside pick-up through its online store.

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