Better Homes & Gardens Spotlights Fort Washington Midcentury-Modern Home

midcentury-modern house
Image via Pexels.

Looking as stylish today as when it was built nearly six decades ago, a 1963 midcentury-modern home in Fort Washington perfectly combines the best the past has to offer with nature’s fresh appeal, write Kathryn O’Shea-Evans and Eddie Ross for the Better Homes & Gardens.

Better Homes & Gardens, one of the nation’s bestselling magazines, spotlighted this timeless home owned by Brandi and Dave Adoff.

The home was built by architect Robert Morrison and his wife, using fir and Western red cedar.

“We wanted to make a house that became a part of nature,” recalled Morrison, 85. “So I designed it to float in the woods and just hang in the big trees.”

The Adoffs are the third owners of the home and are committed to preserving its timeless beauty by emphasizing its original details.

They enjoy walls of windows that put the focus on the surrounding gardens and serene, minimalist lines throughout. The couple especially appreciates the cozy woodsy tones of the home.

To stay faithful to the home’s roots, the Adoffs focused on finding midcentury furniture to populate the inside. They also ensured to preserve the built-in bookshelves designed and built by the architect himself.

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