La Salle College High School: Building a Community Inside Its School

three students at La Salle College High School
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Choosing a high school for your son is a big decision as it can put him on a positive path for his future. When you choose a school like La Salle College High School, you are giving your son the opportunity to be part of a very special community.

The alumni network is a big asset to the school.
La Salle College High School 2021.

“I think a lot of schools are built within a community, but at La Salle College High School we are a school that built a community inside its school,” said the school’s Director of Communications and Public Relations Chris Carabello. “You become part of a community. No one gets lost that way. Everyone is a part of it.”

Carabello can certainly speak to the La Salle community as he is not only a proud alum himself, but he also served as the alumni association’s President, is the father of a student who attended the school and has been employed there for the past 21 years. He certainly stands behind the statement that the friends you make at La Salle become your friends for life.

“It’s your friends at La Salle that become your best man at your wedding, the godfathers of your children, your professional network, and so on.”

The alumni network is a big asset to the school.

La Salle College High School track.
La Salle College High School track meet.

Carabello says that there is a very strong alumni base who are active and vested, giving over 4.5 million dollars annually to the school. In addition to their monetary support, they also support each other professionally as well.

“We have an internship and mentoring program that is made up of older alums that mentor younger alums. We even have alumni who hire our current students to work in professional settings over the summers so that they can get experience before even entering college.”

In addition to a supportive lifelong community, parents choose La Salle for their sons because of the benefits that a private education at a single-sex school offers.

“Everything we do is to engage and connect with high school boys to bring out the best in them and help them develop their God-given talents,” said Principal James Fyke. “La Salle College High School specializes in educating young men. That education includes character development and instilling gospel values and morals. The wholistic human and Christian education fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity and academic excellence, brotherhood, and respect, along with leadership and service.”

La Salle College High School track runner.
La Salle track runner.

The School prides itself on giving students the community and skills to go out into the world as good men.

“When a student receives a La Salle College High School diploma it is more than a certificate of academic performance, it is our endorsement that he is a quality person, a man of character, said Fyke. “He can be trusted, counted on, he is a man of his word, he has compassion for others and is willing to serve, he will stand up and speak when others are unwilling to do so. That is our goal for the students we work with at La Salle College High School.”

Interested in Learning More? Attend Our Open House!

La Salle is hosting an Open House on Sunday, September 26 from 10 AM – 12:30 PM. All of the school’s facilities and programs will be available to prospective students and their families. The program will include presentations, demonstrations, and guided tours.

Register here!

La Salle College High School by the numbers:

  • 275 to 290 new students annually
  • 120 faculty members and over 60 instructional spaces
  • 9:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 35 members of the faculty are alumni
  • 61 clubs and activities
  • 19 varsity sports with 47 teams affiliated with them
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