IKEA U.S. Honored Pride Month with Limited-Edition Pride Products That Benefited GLSEN

IKEA Pride collage
Images via IKEA.

Conshohocken-based IKEA U.S., a humanistic and values-driven company, honored Pride Month this summer with limited-edition Pride products, with a portion of proceeds going to GLSEN.

IKEA Rainbow bag carried by a man.
IKEA’s STORSTOMMA rainbow bags for Pride Month.

The initiative was part of the company’s push for greater progress toward LGBTQ+ inclusion, which in turn is part of the company’s overreaching #ProgressIsMade campaign.

During Pride month, the company donated 30 percent of the retail price from each sale of their Pride products, including STORSTOMMA rainbow bags and ENEBY rainbow speaker covers, to GLSEN.

The charitable partnership between the two organizations aims to support LGBTQ+ inclusion in K-12 schools by providing space where students can learn and grow without being bullied or harassed.

“LGBTQ+ inclusion is an issue very close to our hearts and we want people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to feel at home – not just at IKEA, but everywhere,” said Samantha Giusti, Chief of Staff & LGBTQ+ Co-Worker Resource Group Co-Chair, IKEA Retail U.S.

The IKEA #ProgressIsMade campaign also highlighted eight actionable tips that people can follow in their daily lives to become stronger allies for all LGBTQ+ individuals.

This includes making a habit of sharing personal pronouns both on social media profiles and in work communications.


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