Center School in Abington: A Proven Approach to Educating Children Who Learn Differently

kids sitting on a rock reading
Image via Center School.
The entire Center School campus in Abington, even the great outdoors, is conducive to learning.
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Entering the Center School at 2450 Hamilton Avenue in Abington, PA, is something that everyone should experience.

As you open the doors, you hear laughter, you see artwork on the walls, you feel the “vibe” of this beautiful building. What you are experiencing is over 30 years of dedication to educating children who learn differently.

Center School has been a part of the Abington community since 1989. Thousands of children have passed through its doors, and countless successes have been achieved.

Individualized Approach to Education

Center School’s mission and philosophy are centered around designing instructional programs that foster each child’s development. Students in grades 1-8 receive explicit instruction on how to become independent and confident learners. Strengths are celebrated, strategies are learned, and self-advocacy is adopted. At Center School, an independent private school, the emphasis is on understanding each child to unlock his or her educational potential.

Language-Based Curriculum

Center School recognizes the role language plays in academic success. The curriculum is presented in a structured, multimodal approach in large classrooms with beautiful views of its 14-acre campus. Highly qualified certified teachers teach students, and ratios are purposefully small to provide intimate and personalized learning environments. 

The day begins with ‘Wilson.’

Wilson is an intensive, structured literacy program that helps students — specifically those with language-based learning disabilities — connect sounds and words. Over time, these students learn to decode words and tap out syllables, enhancing their ability to read and spell.

Strategies learned during this time are used throughout remainder of the school day.

Student Persona

Students arrive at Center School from over 10 school districts that span four counties across two states.  Each student has a unique story, eagerly shared with visitors to the campus.

Center School students have language-based learning differences including, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, visual and auditory processing disorders, and/or executive function disorder.  


Center School welcomes the community to visit the campus and experience the creative and constructive learning that takes place when students enter the front door.

A parent of a student recently said: “I will never forget walking through the school’s front door and knowing this is where my son was meant to be. I knew he had found his future.”

Additional information on Center School can be found online or by calling 215.657.2200.