Abington Cardiologist First in State to Implant Special Heart Monitor

Dr. Richard P. Borge of AMS Cardiology became the first doctor in Pennsylvania to implant this heart monitor.

Dr. Richard P. Borge from AMS (Abington Medical Specialists) Cardiology became the first in Pennsylvania to implant the insertable cardiac monitor BioMonitor 2.

The device allows patients to undergo full-body MRI scans with ProMRI technology.

BioMonitor 2 is a remote cardiac monitor that is designed to provide physicians with the ability to accurately detect and diagnose heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia and fibrillations, and syncope.

BioMonitor 2 can also be used to monitor atrial events in patients who have undergone ablation procedures.

“Every year patients and families are impacted by unexpected stroke – stroke that occurs with no known cause,” said Borge. “We want to help minimize this in our community, for our patients.

“By offering our patients innovative, advanced remote monitoring of cardiac events, we are able to more effectively detect, diagnose and treat concerns before stroke occurs. BioMonitor 2 is easily inserted and provides continuous wireless monitoring providing peace of mind for patients and families.”

BioMonitor 2 has a capacity of more than 60 minutes of electrocardiogram (ECG) recording time and Intelligent Memory Management. This ensures that the most relevant events are available for review. BioMonitor 2 is capable of transmitting up to six subcutaneous ECGs daily via BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring.

Borge is a board-certified, cardiac electrophysiologist who has been in clinical practice since 1998. He specializes in all aspects of cardiac electrophysiology including complex ablation and device implantation. He is the medical director of the Heart Rhythm Center at Abington Memorial Hospital, which he helped create specifically for patients suffering from atrial fibrillation.