Viva Video in Ardmore is Closing, Ending the Video Store Era in Our Region


One of the last remaining video stores in our area, Viva Video, has announced it is closing, writes Bill Rohrer for Fox 29 News.

Viva Video in Ardmore will permanently close August 31, replaced by another business.

Owner Miguel Gomez opened the store in 2012 after the video store he worked at closed.

“We started when it was already a crazy idea. The only reason to do it was because of the deep-seated love for it,” he said.

They are selling off most of their library of 20,000 videos between Aug. 5 and Aug. 22.

“Well, they have everything. I mean, they have stuff that’s so obscure, and for a movie nerd like me, that’s the greatest thing ever because I’m always looking for obscure movies that no one’s ever heard of,” customer Kelly Royds said.

Viva Video offered something that can’t be found in the algorithms for Hulu, Netflix or Amazon, a place for people to gather, talk about favorite films, and make recommendations.

“And if you just walk in here, start a conversation with any employee, you’re going to get an amazing conversation,” Ian Clements said.

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