Montco Officials Try to Persuade Young People to Get Vaccinated with Shot Glasses, Dating-app Ads, and Cupid

get vaccinated woman in red dress
Image via Charles Fox, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Nia Ferguson portrays Cupid as part of a “Shot at Love” campaign in Montco.

Montgomery County and the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board are trying to persuade young people to get vaccinated with the help of shot glasses, dating-app ads, and temporary tattoos, writes Justine McDaniel for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Patrons of Flanigan’s Boathouse in Conshohocken were greeted last Thursday by a coronavirus-era Cupid hoping to set them up on a date – with a vaccine.

Sporting a fire-engine-red dress and white feather wings, Nia Ferguson handed out swag bags filled with shot glasses, condoms, and temporary tattoos with mottos such as “Vaxxed and waxed” – a popular catchphrase used by millennials ready to date this summer.

The aim was to urge young people, who have been vaccinating at a lower rate than other age groups, to get immunized so they can safely find their “shot at love.”

“It’s a great idea, especially with the Delta variant ramping up and things going back where they were,” said Meghan O’Neil, a 36-year-old Conshohocken resident who got immunized in April.

In addition to these popup events, officials have also added ads on dating apps where Cupid urges singles not to miss their shot at love.

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