Following Sexism, Mistreatment Allegations, New Leadership at Ardmore’s Tired Hands Brewing Hopes to Foster Empowerment

Founder and co-owner Jean Broillet IV looks over a glass of Cat Statue at Tired Hands Brewing Company
Image via The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Founder and co-owner Jean Broillet IV at Tired Hands Brewing Company in Ardmore.

Following allegations of sexism and mistreatment, the new leadership at Tired Hands Brewing in Ardmore is hoping to foster a culture of equity and empowerment, writes Jenn Ladd for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The allegations appeared two weeks ago on the Instagram account of brewer Brienne Allan. They ranged from servers being belittled in public to a line cook suffering a physical assault from another employee with no consequences.

Other former employees also shared their experiences in follow-up media articles, describing a particularly negative environment that is dominated by a “dude-bro culture.”

The confessions prompted founder and co-owner Jean Broillet IV to step aside from operations and allowing Tired Hands senior management, including department heads in production, sales, creative, and HR, to take over.

The new leadership recognized the toxic culture and mismanagement and has already started implementing changes.

“There’s currently a sense of hope and empowerment, as well as a push for fairness, equity, and transparency,” said Robert Berliner, a member of the transition management team, adding that customers “will see a change in the ideals that we hold collectively, both in the workplace and in the world.”

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