Los Angeles Times: Reallife Easttown Supervisor Appreciates Township’s Fictional HBO Counterpart

Mare of Easttown Delaware County Pa
Image via HBO.

While there have been no murders in the real Easttown for a long time (if ever!) the residents are still proud of Mare of Easttown. The local reaction to the hit HBO crime show was gauged by Matt Pearce for the Los Angeles Times.

“We have it posted as a banner on the township website,” said Marc Heppe, chair of the Easttown Township Board of Supervisors. “The director, Brad Ingelsby, hosted a special meeting at our library. I would say that folks here are equally happy for him and his production.”

He did emphasize, however, that the real town has very little in common with its fictional counterpart.

“It’s a very friendly, sort of low-key suburban Philadelphia township,” he said.

The show has been the talk not just of the township, but the region as well. Buzz has been building locally since the first episode aired seven weeks ago.

Heppe addressed the elephant in the room: “The topic usually surrounded Kate Winslet’s, I guess, ability or lack thereof to replicate the Delaware County Pennsylvania accent,” he said.

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