Easttown Township Nixes Plan for Berwyn Village Luxury Apartments

Image via SAVVY Main Line.

In a recent vote, nearby Easttown Township Supervisors have denied approval for a development project that envisioned luxury apartments at Handel’s Ice Cream block in Berwyn Village, writes Caroline O’Halloran for SAVVY Main Line.

The project was proposed by home builder Todd Pohlig and developer David Della Porta of Cornerstone Tracy.

Some residents who opposed the development were excited about the decision.

“We are pleased but understand the process is not over,” said Michael DeFlavia, a Berwyn Village resident.

While the proposal was opposed by residents, it was supported by business owners.

The developers can choose to submit another plan, which would be their fourth attempt, or appeal the decision. While their next move is yet unknown, they will most likely not walk away from the project.

“We are confident in our position that the plan meets the letter and spirit of the Village of Berwyn zoning but also would be a springboard to the badly needed revitalization of downtown Berwyn,” said Della Porta.

The first plan submitted by the developers included ground-floor shops and a small corner plaza. There was also an option to build a Super Wawa-like convenience store, which has now been shelved.

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