Local Baba’s Brew Partners with Philadelphia Rapper to Make Stereotype-Shattering Kombucha


Nearby in Chester County, Phoenixville-based Baba’s Brew has partnered with Philadelphia rapper Chill Moody to create a kombucha that shatters stereotypes, writes Amanda Brady for 6ABC.

“Kombucha is a sparkling probiotic tonic made of fermented tea,” said Olga Sorzano, owner of Baba’s Brew. “You start with a basic sweet tea, and we use an organic, fair-trade blend of oolong, green tea, and black tea, and we sweeten this with organic, fair-trade sugar.”

The tastes can vary, depending on the fruits and herbs that are used. For example, “Go-To Grapefruit” combines grapefruit, blood orange, hibiscus, ginger, and gotu kola – an herb that helps fight anxiety.

Kombucha falls under the hip-hop artist’s lifestyle brand, Nice Things. The brand aims to introduce people to a healthier lifestyle and to help them appreciate the things they already have.

Sorzano decided to enter into a partnership with the rapper on this project because she wanted to help break stereotypes on two fronts: those surrounding kombucha and also those relating to hip-hop.

In essence, the pair wants to show that kombucha is for everybody.

Read more about the partnership at 6ABC here.

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