Lower Merion, Ridley High Junior Varsity Lacrosse Teams Going Viral for All the Right Reasons

Christine Tarlecki

Lower Merion‘s Junior Varsity Lacrosse Team is becoming internet-famous thanks to an Instagram video of their recent game and captain, Kamari Bolden, writes Natasha Brown for Yahoo!News.

The team played against Ridley High last week. As the game began winding down with Ridley in a substantial lead, Lower Merion players decided to do something special for a great player.

“Kamari’s teammates were coming up to me and going, hey coach, let’s — let’s get Mari in, let’s run Mari,” said coach Jamie Gaffney.

Bolden is a tenth-grade life-skills student at Lower Merion. He is usually on the sidelines, cheering on his team. This time, he was invited to play.

Meanwhile, Lower Marion notified their opponents that they had a first-timer on the field. The Ridley head coach quickly decided to make the moment even more special for Bolden by ensuring he scored a goal.

“We gave it to good tries and on the second go, Kamari buried it,” said Sam Shaffer, Lower Marion lacrosse player.

Finally, both teams erupted in cheers and ran to celebrate with the scorer.

“I wasn’t really expecting it,” said Bolden. “It was really fun.”

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