Wiser Wealth: Protecting Your Jewelry When You Travel

Young Woman Wearing Jewelry

Everyone wants to enjoy themselves while traveling, but it’s impossible not to be conscious of the fact that you’re more likely to lose your belongings when you’re away from home.

For people who wear jewelry, this could result in losing items with a lot of financial or sentimental value.

Forbes recently shared some advice on this topic, so you’re aware of the most common ways people lose their jewelry, and what to do if it happens to you.

Places to Avoid

Oftentimes jewelry is lost while traveling due to wearing a piece in a situation where you’ll just want to remove it anyway. This includes when you go to the beach or a pool. It can also be due to leaving it visible when taking jewelry off in a car or your hotel room.

Protecting Your Belongings

The best step you can take is to be realistic about what you bring. If you’ll be more worried about losing a piece than enjoying having it with you, it’s probably best left home. However, if it’s something you can’t resist bringing, you definitely want to make sure you have pictures of it saved beforehand, and to also get it insured.

How to Insure Your Items

You can get insurance for your jewelry in numerous ways. Your homeowner’s insurance could apply to your valuables, or it could also fall under any travel insurance you might have. If you’re worried neither of those options would apply, you can always get jewelry insurance to make sure you are covered.

No matter where you’re traveling, you want to make sure you can enjoy your trip. Making preparations for your valuables beforehand is the best way to maintain peace of mind.

For more details on how you can safeguard your valuables, read the article from Forbes.


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