Montgomery County Moving to New Vaccination Registration System That Will Eliminate Link-sharing

Christine Tarlecki
Image via Emma Lee, WHYY.
MCCC Vaccine Clinic.

Starting this week, Montgomery County is moving to a new vaccination system that will prevent one of the biggest issues officials have been dealing with in recent months: line-jumping, writes Kenny Cooper for WHYY.

“This new Microsoft system will provide users a much better experience, it will eliminate link-sharing and the need to use a token to book your appointment,” said Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, chair of the county commissioners.

The shift to this new system will have no effect on those who have already pre-registered as they will be migrated over from the old system.

The new solution prevents line-jumping by sending a non-sharable link to the user’s email. It will also classify users into the appropriate phase of vaccination as the pool of vaccine-eligible individuals expands over the following weeks.

“When folks pre-register based on the questions we have set up in accordance with the state and federal guidelines, it will automatically classify folks into the appropriate phase of vaccination,” said Megan Young, Montco’s public health emergency preparedness coordinator.

The county is asking everybody to be patient and report any issues they may encounter with the new system.

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