Lansdale Woman Celebrates Her 105th Birthday with Live Music and Cake

Christine Tarlecki

Margaret “Peg” Leichthammer of Lansdale celebrated her 105th birthday in the company of family and friends with live music and cake, according to a staff report from 6abc.

Many of those at the outdoor – and socially distant – party donned the birthday girl’s favorite color, pink.

Happy Birthday, Peg!

“I’m so overwhelmed that I can’t think of words to say. So I’ll just keep on talking,” said Leichthammer. “I mean, it is absolutely a complete surprise, and I am truly overwhelmed.”

Leichthammer was born in 1916. She graduated from Peirce College and later worked as a paralegal.

For her, family and laughter are among the important things that have helped her reach 105 – and who knows for how many more years yet to come.

“Family’s very important,” she said. “Faith is important. Laughter is important. And think of other people, don’t always think about yourself because we’re in a world of people. We should all be thinking about everybody.”

Leichthammer has been living at Lansdale’s Elm Terrace Gardens for nearly three decades.

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